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Further Comprehension Questions

A good way to improve your reading comprehension is to write your own questions for passages you have read. Look again at some Part 7 texts you have already read in Pass the TOEIC Test, and write as many questions as you can. When you finish, read the text again and write the answers.


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Tips on Writing Comprehension Questions

Reading for Main Ideas

Questions that test your understanding of the main ideas in a reading passage often ask about the topic, or purpose, of the text. For example:

  • What is the article about?
  • What does this letter mainly discuss?
  • What is the main purpose of this notice?
  • Why was this memo written?


Reading for Details

Questions that test your ability to understand details in a reading passage often ask about times, dates, prices, locations, people, etc. For example:

  • When does the meeting begin?
  • Who is scheduled to visit on Tuesday morning?
  • Which product recently failed its safety check?
  • Where is the lecture going to take place?
  • What should motorists with a red parking permit do?
  • How frequent are train services to Newberry?
  • Why did Mr. Cecil have to pay a registration fee?


Making Inferences

Some questions test your ability to make inferences in a reading passage. You need to draw conclusions based on what you read. For example:

  • What is indicated in the e-mail?
  • Who most likely is Diane Findlay?
  • What can be inferred from this notice?
  • How does Ms. Bennett feel about the situation?



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