Pass the TOEIC Test

Key Features

Pass the TOEIC Test is carefully structured to give you the best opportunity to improve your TOEIC score. The exercises in each book provide authentic, up-to-date language practice and skills development for each part of the TOEIC test. Here is a summary of the approach and activities, highlighting the main benefits.


Try It Out This opening section gives you a taste of what to expect in the test.
Improve Your Performance Here you practice the language and skills you need to do well in each part. This material forms the basis of your preparation. Work through these exercises and you will improve your score. Identify any weaknesses you may have and work hard to overcome them.
Steps to Success This section helps you develop your test-taking skills, giving you detailed guidance on how to attempt each type of question.
Strategy Review and Tips This reviews the best strategies to use for each part of the test, and gives you some advice other test-takers have found useful.
Review Test This final section in each part is a complete test. You performance on this test will help you assess your progress.



Test, tests, tests!

As well as the Try It Out preview test at the start of each part and the complete Review Test at the end, Pass the TOEIC Test includes other tests to help boost your score.


Mini Tests Regular Mini Tests give you authentic test practice specific to each language point or skill.
Listening Comprehension Test A complete Listening Comprehension Test assesses your ability on the Listening section of the test.
Reading Test A complete Reading Test assesses your ability on the Reading section of the test.
Practice Tests Two full-length Practice Tests at the back of each book evaluate your performance across both the Listening and Reading sections of the test. You can use the Score Conversion Chart to get an approximate indication of your TOEIC score.


Grammar and Vocabulary These handy sections focus on the grammar and vocabulary you need to progress successfully through each level.
Essential Vocabulary This is a comprehensive list of words and phrases used in this level.
Accent Recognition Each book gives practice in recognizing the various accents used in the test. Being familiar with these accents will help to improve your listening comprehension.


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