Pass the TOEIC Test


"This course sets a new benchmark in TOEIC test preparation."
Professor Mitsuyasu Miyazaki, Japan
"I like the way the exercises build up the skills students need."
Lucy Wu, Taiwan
“Your material is by far the best.”
Howell Lewis, Thailand
“Just been on your website which, is brilliant.”
Marianne Damboise, France
"Pass the TOEIC offers the most complete supplementary grammar and vocabulary sections of any TOEIC book on the market."
Thom Burns, Japan
"The methodology is so well constructed, and progression from one level to the next works very well. I have not found another book/series of books that gives a better structured or more thorough preparation course for this test; validated by the results of my students. "
Gareth Scarborough, France
"This book is amazing."
Marianna Gevorkyan, Thailand
"The series looks excellent and I will be recommending it to other teachers."
Gary Henscheid, Japan
"Pass the Toeic Test provides full preparation for test takers: from theory and strategy, to practice exercises and tips. My students find the tips from other test takers interesting and encouraging."
Khoa Nguyen, Vietnam
"Your practice exercises are terrific! I love your Mini tests and Steps to success sections. These are very welcome learning steps and give hands-on practice for students in and out of class."
Joel McCay, Taiwan
“Encouragingly, some of those who took your Intermediate course got scores of around  730, and one reached 865!”
Tran Do Du, Vietnam
“Very useful book for raising your TOEIC score.”
Glenda Ponroy, France