Pass the TOEIC Test

Using the Course

Pass the TOEIC Test can be used in class with a teacher, or independently for self-study.


The course is flexible, so you don’t need to work your way through the book from beginning to end. However, it is recommended that you choose either the Listening section or the Reading section, and then cover all the parts within that section before you move on. This will enable you to focus your skills and practice effectively.


When approaching the Listening section, it can be useful to start with Understanding Different Accents. Similarly, when approaching the Reading section, you might want to start with Grammar and Vocabulary. These two sections are designed to prepare you for what is to come.



Choosing your Level

Pass the TOEIC Test is available in three levels. Each level contains hundreds of exercises and over 1,500 authentic TOEIC questions which practice exactly the language, skills, and strategies needed on the test.




For students starting with a TOEIC score of around 200, and aiming for 500+.

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Pass the TOEIC Test Intermediate

For students starting with a TOEIC score of around 400, and aiming for 700+.

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Pass the TOEIC Test Advanced

For students starting with a TOEIC score of around 600, and aiming for 900+.

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The complete Audio Program is available via download, together with the Audioscript/Answer Key booklet containing scripts for all the listening material and explanatory answers to all the exercises.

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Website Support

  • Each Pass the TOEIC Test book contains a unique access code giving up to two free online Practice Tests! Click here to try the free Sample TOEIC Test.
  • Try the free TOEIC practice activities on this website.