Pass the TOEIC Test

About the TOEIC Test


TOEIC® stands for Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC test aims to assess your ability to understand English in a business context. It is designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.


The language and situations covered in the TOEIC test are useful across a wide range of business, travel, and work situations.


Over six million people take the TOEIC test every year. It is an increasingly popular way to assess English proficiency in the world of work. More than 10,000 corporations and institutions in 120 countries throughout the world use the TOEIC test.



TOEIC Test Format

The test is divided into two main sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading. There are 100 items in each section. All items are multiple choice. The test takes about two hours to complete.


Listening Comprehension Part 1: Photographs   6 questions   45m
  Part 2: Question-Response   25 questions    
  Part 3: Short Conversations   39 questions    
  Part 4: Short Talks   30 questions    
  Total   100    
Reading Part 5: Incomplete Sentences   30 questions   75m
  Part 6: Text Completion   16 questions    
  Part 7: Reading Comprehension   54 questions    
  Total   100    

You mark your answers on a special Answer Sheet using a pencil.


The test is in American English. However, the Listening Comprehension section features “standard” American, British, Australian and Canadian accents.



Your TOEIC Score

You cannot fail the TOEIC test. It measures your ability, and you are given a score of between 5 and 495 per section. Your “raw” scores from each section are converted into an test score, giving a total TOEIC score of between 10 and 990. Your TOEIC score is valid for two years.


People of all abilities take the TOEIC test. Don’t expect to score a maximum 990! Your target should be to reach the highest score that you personally are able to achieve.


Benefits of the TOEIC Test

The TOEIC Test is designed to help you communicate more effectively in the global workplace. Many employers and academic institutions use the TOEIC test to assess English language ability. A good score on the TOEIC test can help you to graduate, get a job, win a promotion, and develop your career.



Versions of the TOEIC Test

The main test is TOEIC Listening and Reading. There are also TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests, which are separate and optional tests that you can take via the Internet. The TOEIC Speaking Test lasts approximately 20 minutes. There are eleven questions. The TOEIC Writing Test lasts approximately 60 minutes. There are eight questions. The tests are independent of each other and can be taken separately.


TOEIC Bridge is a shorter, easier version of the standard test, for test-takers at the lower end of the ability range who may struggle to achieve a satisfactory score on the standard test.




Where can I take the test?

The TOEIC test is offered at large organizations, companies, and language schools all around the world. Speak to your employer or school for more information about where to take the test, or contact your local ETS representative.



How much does it cost to take the test?

The fee you pay depends on which country you live in. Fees are set by test centers. For further information about the cost, contact your local ETS representative.