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TOEIC Word List

The TOEIC® Word List that accompanies Pass the TOEIC Test contains over 1000 words that are commonly used in the TOEIC test. You can download it here free of charge. You will also find some useful tips on how to use the Word List.

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ability abroad absolutely accept access accessible
accident accommodate accommodation accomplish accomplishment according
accordingly accounting accurate achieve acquire act
actually adapt adapter additional adequate adjust
adjustment administration admire admit admittance advance
advanced advantage advantageous advertise advertisement advice
advise affect afford affordable agency agenda
agree agreeable agreement agricultural aid aim
airline aisle alarm allow alternative ambitious
amend amount amusing analysis analyze announcement
annoying annual anticipate anxious apologize appeal
appetizer appliance applicant application apply appoint
appointment appreciable appreciate appreciation appreciative apprentice
approach appropriate approve approximate arbitrate area
argue argument arrange arrangement assemble assess
assets assign assignment assist assistance assume
attach attachment attend attendance attentively attract
audience audit authority authorize availability available
avoid awareness awkward      


background backpack baggage claim balance bank bankrupt
barcode bargain basic behave belongings beneficial
benefit beverage bid bill binder blanket
block board boarding pass boardroom boast book
boost bored borrow bother bottom line branch
brand briefcase briefing broadcast broaden browser
brush budget bulletin      


cabin crew cafeteria calculate calculation calculator campaign
cancel cancellation candidacy candidate capacity capital
career careless cash cashier cause cautious
celebrate celebration cell phone certificate certification chain
chain store chair chairman chairperson characteristic characterize
charge charity cheap check in check out chef
circumstances claim claimant classification classify clerk
client climate closure coach code collect
commence commission commit committee common commonly
commute commuter company comparable compare compatible
compensate compensation competent competition competitive competitor
complain complaint complete complex complexity compliment
complimentary comply comprehensive compromise compulsory concede
concern conclude conclusion concourse condition conduct
confirm confirmation confusion connect connection consequence
consider considerable consignment consist consistent consistently
constant constantly construction consult consultant consume
consumer contain container continual continuation continue
contribute contribution control control panel convenient conveniently
convince convincing corporate corporation cost counter
courier cover letter coverage coworker crash credentials
credit criteria critical criticize crowd crowded
crucial cruise currency current custom customer
customs cutting edge cycle      


daily damage deadline deal debit debt
decision decorate decrease dedicate deduct defect
defective definite definitely degree delay delete
delight delighted deliver delivery demand demanding
demonstrate depart department departure depend on dependence
deposit description designate desperate dessert destination
detail detailed detect deterioration determine determined
develop developer development device diagnose differential
director disagree disagreement disappointing disconnect discount
discrepancy discrimination discuss discussion dish dismiss
dismissive display disposable dispose dispute disruption
distinctive distinguish distribute distribution dividend document
donate donation double download downsize downturn
downward dramatic drastic drastically draw drawer
drive drop dull duration duty-free  


earn earnings economical economize economy effective
effectively effectiveness efficiency efficient efficiently elderly
electrical elevator embark emergency emphasize emphasize
employ employee employer employment enable enclose
encourage endurance endure engineer engineering enhance
enroll ensure enterprise enthusiastic enthusiastically entitlement
entrée environment environmental equivalent essential estimate
evaluate event evidence evolve exact examination
examine excel excellent excursion executive exhibit
expand expansion expect expectation expenditure expense
expensive experience experienced experiment exploration explore
express extend extension external    


facilities facility factor factory fail failure
fair famed fare fault faulty favor
fax feature fee feedback field figure
file fill out finance financial firm fix
flexible flight flight attendant fluctuate fluctuation focus
focused fold folder force forecast foreign
forget forgetful form forward founded frank
frankly fuel fulfill function functional fundraising
furniture further        


gesture goal goods gradually grievance grill
growth guarantee guidelines      


haggle handle handy harbor harmful hazardous
head office headquarters hesitate hesitation hide highlight
highly hike hire hold homepage host


identification identify imaginative immediate immediately impact
impatient implement imply impression improper improve
improvement incentive inclined include inclusion income
inconvenience increase indicate indication individual individually
inexperienced infer inflate inflation influence influential
information input inquiry install installation insurance
insure intend intention intently intern internal
international internship interrupt interview invaluable invent
invention inventory invest investigate investigation investment
invite invoice isolate issue item itemize


jealous jeopardize jeopardy jobless join joint
journal journey judge justice justification justify


keen keep knock know knowledge knowledgeable


label labor lack landlord laptop launch
law lay off leak lean lease leisure
lend liability license licensing lie limited
limousine list livestock loan lobby local
locate log on log out loyal luggage luxurious


maintain maintenance major manage managerial mandatory
manufacture manufacturing marketing mechanic medic medical
medication medicine meeting membership memo memorandum
mention merchandise mere merge merger mileage
million mishear misleading misrepresent monitor monument
mortgage motivate motivation      

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napkin narrow narrowing neighborhood network nominate
nomination notice notify      


objection objective obligation oblige obtain obviously
occupation occur officer official onward operate
operation opinion opportunity optimistic order organization
organize organized original outline outlook outstanding
overall overdraft overseas overtime overview owe


package package tour parcel parking lot participant particularly
passenger patent patented patience payment perform
performance permanent permission permit personal personalized
personnel persuade pessimistic plant platform pleasant
plow plug in plumber point pointless policy
polite politician politics poll pollute popular
popularity position postpone postponement potential power
practical practically predict predictable prefer preference
premises prepare present presentation press prevent
prevention price priceless principal principle priority
private probability probably probationary process profession
professional profile profit profitability profitable progress
progressive prohibit project promote promotion prompt
promptly properly property protect protection publicity
publicize purchase purpose pursue    


qualification qualified qualify questionnaire quotation quote


raise range rare rate rational raw materials
reach realize rearrange reasonable reasonably receipt
receive recent reception receptive recipe recognize
recommend recommendation recruit recruitment reduce reduction
redundant refrigerator refund refundable refusal refuse
regarding regardless regional register registration regret
regular regularly regulate rehearse reject relax
relaxation release relevant remain remarkable remind
reminder remittance remove remuneration renovate renovation
rent repair repayment repetitive replace replacement
report represent representative request require requirement
reschedule rescue resemble reservation reserve resign
resist resolve respect respectable respectful respond
responsibility responsible restore restructure résumé retail
retire retirement review revise revised right away
rival roadside roughly route runway  


salary sale salvage sample satisfactory satisfied
satisfy save scene scenery schedule scrutinize
search engine secluded secretarial secretary select selection
selective seminar senior serious service several
shape sharp shift shine shipment shipping
shortage shuttle sightseeing significant simplify situation
slump software solar spacious spare part spare time
specialize specialty specification specify spectator stable
stadium staff stapler stare starter stationery
steep stock strategic strategy streamline strike
studio submit subscribe subscription subsidiary suggest
suggestion suit suitability suitable supervise supervision
supplier supply support supporter surrounding suspicious
switchboard systematic        


takeover target tax technical technician temporary
tenant terminate terrible terrific theoretical theory
thorough tidy tip tour tourism tourist
towel tower track trade tradition traffic
training transfer transform transformation transit transportation
tremendous trend trial triumph trust turnover


unconditional understand unfavorable unfortunately uniform unspoiled
unwrap upcoming update upgrade upset upstairs
utility bill          


vacancy vacant vacation vaccination valuables varied
variety various vendor venture venue virus


wage walkway warehouse warn warning warrant
warranty wastage waterproof wealth website weight
welfare wholesale win withdraw withdrawal workplace
workshop worth worthless wrap    




yearly yield youth      


zero zone        



Ideas for using the TOEIC® Word List

  • Write the translation next to each word. Cover the columns and test yourself!
  • Write each word you don’t know on a small card. Write the translation on the back. Carry these “flash cards” with you and test yourself regularly throughout the day.
  • Make sentences using each word. Learning words in context is very effective.
  • Choose the most useful words. Then use a dictionary to make a list of related words.