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Improving your Reading Comprehension

The best way to improve your reading comprehension is to read – as much as you can, whenever you can. Here are some useful tips and links that will help you improve your reading comprehension.


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Tips on Improving your Reading Comprehension

Read books

Find an author you like and choose a graded reader appropriate to your level.
e.g. Agatha Christie


Read newspaper articles

Read newspapers from around the world.


Read magazines

Read current affairs stories available through online magazines.

Read online

Read short stories in a variety of genres, or just browse online for items that interest you.


Find a reading club

Join a local book club, or an online book club, so you can discuss books you have read. Find
a language exchange, or a group or activity locally where you can talk to native speakers.


Read everything!

Read everything in English – notices, tickets, user guides, recipes, job ads, blogs, etc.



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