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Practice with NOT questions

In Part 7 of the TOEIC test, some comprehension questions ask you to identify what is NOT in the passage. These NOT questions can take longer to answer than other types of questions.


Download the TOEIC® Practice with NOT questions activity in PDF format.

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Tips on Answering NOT Questions

  • Leave the NOT question until last. Answer the other questions on a passage first and you may be able to identify the answer, or know where to look for the answer, when you come to the NOT question.
  • Quickly scan the passage to match the information in each answer choice. Look for information in the passage which is similar to, or paraphrases, information in the answer choices.
  • Once you have matched information in the passage with an answer choice, eliminate that answer choice and immediately move on to the next one.
  • Remember, you are looking for information that is NOT in the passage. When you have eliminated three answer choices, the fourth answer choice will be the correct answer.
  • When scanning the text, if you can’t find the information quickly, move on to the next answer choice. Do not waste time by looking for information that is not there!
  • If time is short, eliminate any answer choices that are unusual. Choose the most likely answer choice.